* A dark comedy about sibling rivalry, classical music, and Jewish mysticism.

The Goldberg brothers are estranged. Matthew Goldberg, a child prodigy pianist whose career and marriage have fallen apart, suffers a nervous breakdown during a concert. Simon Goldberg, a long-suffering academic who has dedicated his life to translating and chronicling a little-known 16th century Kaballist poet, has found unexpected success after leaving Manhattan and buying a winery in the north of Israel. With nowhere else to go, Matthew joins Simon on the winery, and the two brothers must confront both their long-simmering animosity as well as their mutual attraction to viticulturist Einav -- who happens to be Simon's girlfriend.

A film by Matthew Mishory. Written by Matthew Mishory & Golan Friedman.

In pre-production. Filming in Israel and New York in 2018.